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Killed Sino raid boss on last turn, still lost

As the title states, a team of 3 managed to kill the boss on the very last turn, turn 20 with the last attack. the boss fell in it’s falling animation and the game said the boss won.

Also, a day before that, during pvp, the game bugged out. I tried to change dinos or choose moves. and it showed that I had selected them, yet in the game, it timed out all my actions and simply went to the next dino, their basic move only. for two games. I restarted my afterwards and that fixed that, but it was still aggravating as heck.

Also, still have to report that the invites and getting told that lobbies are full when they are not are still a thing.

I’m on ios, if that helps.

Welcome to the forums, @Maelstrom. I’m sorry to hear about these issues you encountered. Be rest assured that the team is working to fix the issue on Raid invitations as mentioned here. Regarding the first two issues you mentioned, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team at if you haven’t already. Don’t forget to include your support key as this helps them locate your account faster in our system. Thank you!