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KillerRaptors alliance has expanded and seeking new members

Hello. I would like to get new members of any trophy count to come join my alliance.
I have a big discord community for my alliance that is split bewteen 2 alliances under the same name where members can go between both alliances and trade DNA.

Our community is very lively and we cannot wait for alliance missions to come back so we can shatter those challenges as soon as they are back.
discord me professorkp#9556
add me in game at ProfessorKP#5138

Note to those who are planning to join: You must have discord and MUST be a no lifer and chat there or spam things or just be a chatterbox because even if are very active in the game, donate regularly, and do your best to help the alliance goal, then you are Nothing -because it doesn’t matter. The leader kicks members for unreasonable reasons, and use his undue influence for players to donate dna for him. You are good if you have 5K+ trophies but even then you are not safe, you have to put your whole life in discord and disregard your real life, work, and other things.


That is very true. Thanks for the forum bump.