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KillerRaptors Alliance is looking for the best of the best to join us


Hello prospective new member. If you are really dedicated to the game then there is not much else to say but come join us and lets battle together to be the best. We will be the most famous and the most fun alliance there will ever be in JWA.
Our d1scord is very lively. All our members from different parts of the world are very friendly. You must have d1scord and use it regularly to be able to communicate with each other on our server.
Jurassic World Alive never gets boring for us because of our community we have built and because of the many fun events we have going on in the alliance like tournaments and other discussions.

The above mentioned is a requirement. I am also not looking for anyone who has 3000 trophies or below. But if you do have low trophies amount, you can still participate in the chat area so come join that.
( professorkp#9556 )
Players who join must not be introverts. You should be someone who plays this game every day and when there are any more challenges like the alliance rush or alliance missions you will be very on board to work hard to complete them as a team.



Hi ProfessoKP!
I just sent you a friend request on d1scord. My husband and I are a package deal, and are both level 19’s hovering between 4200-4300ish trophies. I do like my current alliance, but we have a a lot of inactive people that haven’t been given the boot yet. I’m trying to be patient, but am starting to shop around other alliances in the meantime. We’re both very active players and have been top contributors for a lot of our (not as active) alliance missions. I’m new to d1scord and was hoping to sit in on your group chats for a bit? Thanks in advance for your consideration!


We beat you guys :sweat_smile: only messing around.


Hope all goes well for your recruitment