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KillerRaptors has done it!

On behalf of Gamepress, we would like to congratulate the alliance KillerRaptors for being the first alliance in Jurassic World Alive to achieve Tier 10 for the alliance championship! Well done! :slight_smile:


Hey. Thank you for writing that. I think the picture is just for fun. When this is all fixed on monday, we can resume the real competition. I don’t accept this rank 10 yet.
crazy lidia


Understandable. Gamepress will be on your tail!

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Well done. We’re in 9th but let’s see what happens Monday!

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Congrats :partying_face:

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A fantastic achievement by KillerRaptors, well done!

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Nice. I’m wondering what the numbers will change to if they change as well. We are tier 9 right now. Only a small few got the extra points in my group.

Can’t wait for that bug exploit to be corrected and the correct ranks and scores to be announced. Tier 10 is not achievable under normal circumstances.


Why it benefits everyone and doesn’t hurt anyone either.

It doesn’t hurt anyone but why should someone get a reward nobody else can get for exploiting a bug? Doing that is not considered fair gameplay.


For Ludia:
Intentional bug exploit = cheating
(common sense through gaming history)
Please remedy this problem as soon as possible.

It shouldn’t be too hard to tell which alliances/players did it intentionally.


Oh I see what you’re saying. It’s not the players fault though and nobody knew the points would carry over and accumulate. Had I known I would’ve done it lol I did one match and saw the tournament was skill and not advantage and didn’t go back until it was corrected.

@Infinirex_Sterben did no one in your Alliance get the points?

@Bryan_Lucas sure, almost every player did at first (I played way later in the day so I missed it), but they didn’t try to max their battle counts during the bug.

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How would you otherwise explain how they went from not being in the top 5 during the previous championships to #1 in less than 3 days?


No harm m8 but if u had been paying attention KillerRaptors hav been #1 in leaderboard from the start of month js they hav done well in this tournament