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KillerRaptors is Recruiting!

KillerRaptors is looking for someone to join the family!

What we have to offer:

10/10 weekly mission rewards
Multiple lvl 20 sanctuaries
Fast filling dna requests
#1 in tournament championships 3×
Tier 9/10 rewards in the championships
Fun and friendly environment
Help with all raids

What we are looking for:

Someone active in tournaments
10k+ points per championship
Participates in all categories of weekly missions
Active on discord daily

Please message me on Discord to see if you’re a good fit for the KillerRaptor family!
We also have KR2 and KR3 that are a possibility, or if you would just like to join our server to chat




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I do like talking on discord so you have my interests

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We currently are looking for 2 more active players in KillerRaptors main alliance.
Come join the KR server for more info.