KillerRaptors recruiting!

Hello! KillerRaptors are recruiting and looking for highly motivated players to join our JWA family! We love this game and are looking for players that love it just as much as us! We are one of the top alliances in championships and are looking for players to be a part of that!

What we can offer you!

  • 9th level inc in 4 week championships, 9/10 in 5 weeks (we have gotten the 10th level in every 5 week championship so far!)
  • 10/10 Weekly Missions
  • Multiple Level 20 Sanctuaries that are voted on
  • Advice and support in arena and skill tourney strategy including advice from multiple consistent top 10 finishers
  • Raid coordination
  • A fun and active discord community that likes to joke, and includes special events in and outside the game

What we are looking for:

  • Communication! Talk to us! Discord is a must
  • 10000 point contributor in a 4 week championship month
  • Active in game daily

Message me directly on Discord (Lyonidus #5838) or here if interested!