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KillerRaptors - Very active alliance has a few openings today for new members. You MUST have DISCORD to join



Hello I am the leader of the KillerRaptors alliance. Our alliance is really dedicated to this game and are not slackers. We have a great community on our discord page with a lot of discussion in there and special events like tournaments going on all the time.
Come join and be part of greatness.
You are a great fit for my alliance if you play this game several times every day and are not very introverted to participate in the discord.
Trophy count does not matter. Newer players are welcome and we will help you gather DNA to boost your team.

Friend request and message me on the discord provided in the photo. Send your join request to the alliance if you think you are also a dedicated player.

If the alliance looks full, it is not. Lowest performing members can be removed.


I sent a request on both


Correction: You must have discord and MUST be a no lifer and chat there or spam things or just be a chatterbox because even if are very active in the game, donate regularly, and do your best to help the alliance goal, then you are Nothing -because it doesn’t matter. The leader kicks members for unreasonable reasons, and use his undue influence for players to donate dna for him. You are good if you have 5K+ trophies but even then you are not safe, you have to put your whole life in discord and disregard your real life, work, and other things.


Again, thanks for the bump.
You could have done better than copy paste. But either way, the message was a good thing for both of us.