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KillerRaptors3 member recruitment

Hi everyone, I’m from KillerRaptors3 and I’m looking for some members. We only have just upwards of 30 members at the moment. Only requirements are be active in game, join the alliance discord, and participate in the weekly tournaments. Before I cleared out the inactive members we were getting 6/5 defense/exploration. We have a level 20 sanctuary for all your f.I.p needs! My tag is JellyMuch#5082 if you have any questions you’d like to dm me, and of course I will be checking any comments on this post


Sure I’m down for it. Need a new one as the current one I’m in appears dead

Hello Precambrianman, just message me on discord then with your in game name and I’ll let you right in!

Friend request sent, though I have a different discord name, Psychii#3944, not letting me directly message you at the moment though

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