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Killing Lord Lythronax

Has anyone actually accomplished this feat?

I did before boost 2.0 lol. Haven’t tried it since.

Ooh, good idea. I’ll try it as I’m still unboosted (and staying that way).

I just did it! Can’t freakin believe it!

30 max tier indoraptor survived instant rampage with evasive my rampage took it down to 3700

By luck I survived a second rampage and I critted on cleansing impact lord was 1800 he killed indo I brought in stegodeus and my rampage took it to like 700 and I swapped in 28 einoosuchous for the win!

The only way with my team is RNG has to be on my side!

I did it the week it came out, it took like 20 times after the RNG game me a perfect combination of my indo dodging and thor critting :smile: it was a rocket science to beat that thing…

However, now that the boosts got nerfed I don’t think I’d be able to do it again