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Kind of like a due date raffle

So, let’s all take guesses on when we’ll hear anything from Ludia about… well, anything.

I say a week from tomorrow, the 17th.


When hell freezes over :wink:

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I’m pretty sure they are hoping the remaining players just forget that some cheaters got rewards and boosts bugs happened.


The only thing we are going to hear is about the tournament and the same old drizzle about what you can and can’t do…

Well it actually doesn’t matter what you can and can’t do because they let you get away with stuff now.

Anywhere between now and 2045 is my guess.

That’s being generous. I give them until doomsday. Which doomsday? Take your pick, honestly.

It will be the moment they announce the death for the game and that they’re removing support for it… So when people stop buying boosts…