Kind of long...but, I can't with this game anymore...I'm done

I started playing this game for probably the same reasons a lot of you did, because I love dinosaurs and Jurassic Park is my favorite movie of all-time. It was nothing serious at first, playing here and there, collecting DNA and fighting in the arena. I would win some and lose some, but I enjoyed it. Eventually I was able to get enough DNA to create a T-Rex, and that was awesome, but not as exciting as the day I (finally) was able to create the Indominus Rex. I started taking it a bit more seriously, and spending more time on the game and eventually I was able to create my first unique, the Indoraptor. Since then I have created a pretty strong team of dinos from level 25-29 and was able to compete and gradually move up until I hit Lockwood Library and then something happened. All of sudden I couldn’t win anymore, which is fine, I can take a loss, and then boosts came out and that was the beginning of the end for me. I mean I’ve seen the rise and fall of the Dracorat, the introduction of the campaign and alliances, daily challenges, new creatures brought into the game, but nothing compares to the way this game has soured on me over the last few months. Boosts have single-handily destroyed the fun of this game. I know some of you will say “well if you aren’t having fun, just stop playing” but it’s more complicated than that. I have spent a couple of years playing this game, hunting dinos, building my team the right way, just for Ludia to come and allow people to just buy their team and forego all of the effort and time it took to actually EARN your team. It is a slap in the face. Now you have Thors with 142 speed and over 2500 attack, Tryks and Maximas with over 8000 health, Erlids and Indoraptors with 148 speed and can just cloak and dodge everything, and don’t get me started on the Indo Gen 2. I mean go to the top of the leader boards and just check out some of the ridiculous monsters they have up there. 165 speed, over 8000 health…it’s all a just a shame. I mean my fastest dino is a 139-speed level-27 Utahsinoraptor, and that is just using the free boosts that the game hands out. 2000 bucks (at $20 real money for 2600 bucks) for 1 boost? Come on. People are willing to spend $100s if not $1000s to boost their dinos over and over again, and I just refuse to spend that on a game on my phone. I have reached the point were I am done. I know a lot of you feel the same as I do because I have read the posts on the forum and people are upset and disappointed that what was an awesome game has turned into a money-hungry, unbalanced, un-fun disaster. So after this post I am uninstalling this game and will find something else to play. Maybe I will come back in a few months and see what’s going on, but my bet is that it will just get worse. I am sure Ludia does not care they are losing another long-time player, and they probably shouldn’t…but I just wanted my voice heard before I left. Good luck to all of you, and thanks for reading (if you did)…hope you all can hang on longer than me, cause I’m out.


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