Kind of phone which could AR during play JW Alive


dear Gamers JW Alive.
at the moment my phone didn’t support AR during play this game.
i would to buy a new phone which can support AR.
any suggestions?
thank you.


If you’re looking for a cheaper model which still has decent software and hardware; Nokia 6.1 2018. It runs very smooth and hans no issues at all; even without an additional battery pack i can go outside for numerous hours on end without having to recharge. I think the maximum is around 4-5 hours?

Android one provides a clean and smooth interface, nothing more nothing less. So far im very happy; bought the 4gb ram version which costs 320~€ and released 2ish months ago; phone is pretty much brand new. All features work properly in JWA; beside some loading left and right.

If you’re looking for anything else; every phone which had android OS 4.4 and up can run the game (or should run it). The AR feature only allows certain phones as well; every device with OS 7.0 and up. Nokia 6.1 has 8.1 standard update so you’re also good to go; AR works like a charm!

Here are other devices which run AR to enjoy JWA to the fullest:

Good luck finding a suitable phone!


All iPhone works perfectly. 5s+++


hell ya… iPhone? LoL
how about Xiaomi, LG, Nokia, SamSung, Assus or Lenovo.


Why doesn’t my OnePlus 5T support the AR option?


Hi why isn’t Huawei honor 9 compatiple with AR?! Please fix it? I started playing because of ar… ;(
It has android 8.0


This is for the Ludia dev team. Are there any particular requisites in choosing which phones are compatible with the AR fucntion? I currently have the Razer phone and would like to have that function available.


My Honor View 10 witch android 8.0 alson not working


Not getting a new phone just for this game. I’ll deal without AR eventho thats the fun part of the game, tho I’m losing interest pretty quickly


I dont understand how the moto g6 is AR compatible but not my moto z2 play??? My coworker with his iphone was showing me the AR and its way more amazing than pokemon go but yet i cant use it. I hope this gets changed soon. The game has already become somewhat stale with lack of content. The reason these kind of games thrive is partly due to AR and without that support most people will get bored and move on.


I have a Huawei P10 Lite with Android 7.0.
I don’t have AR mode available.
This Andorid version should be able to run it…