Kinda frustrated,


I played this game since it came out, really hyped by all the features and dinosaurs, I was winning in a fair amount. But its been like 2 months that I am stuck in the Lockdown arena. My points just goes up and down, up and down. I try to get as many DNA as I can but my team doesnt win always, its like Im playin with bots.
And now they updated the some skills in the common dinosaurs, my epic and rare dinosuars cant even win against the common ones… Im frustrated coz I feel like I spent my coins on upgrading and evolving rare and epics and boom updates, shouldve invested it on common… is this like how ludia would make us feel about free and payed users.


I’m the same in the Sorna Marshes. I get to 3500 and then I lose so much that I drop back down and have to claw my way back up.


I agree. Same here.been stuck between 3800 and 3500 for over a month. In other posts like this people reply with “get better, level up your dinos, get better dinos” and I’m like lol that’s what I’ve been doing this whole month! :joy::joy::joy::crazy_face: still stuck in the same spot :woman_shrugging:t2:


I have the same problem but in the badlands arena


Find your own pace. :wink: