Kinda in a dilemma

I have my giganyx at level 22 as you’ll see below, but little coin. I also kinda want to unlock dilorach so I want to know which I should do, level up giganyx, or unlock dilorach.

I always place unlocking before leveling up because it opens up more to you… leveling up giga might gain you 50-100 trophies but since everyone else is also leveling their gigas it might not. Unlocking gives you another option for your team… plus a solid raid Dino so even if it does get nerfed it still has a place.

Now I would note I wouldn’t go all ham on boosting and leveling dilor without considering it’s entirely possible it will be nerfed could be next patch could be next year. But unlocking it’s a pretty low risk high reward.

I believe in building balance, rather than a couple big creatures and a few that can kind of keep up. So that being said, I’d create dilo to keep things even. Both would serve you better than just one, one level higher.

Unlock first. Gives you another option to use (if for nothing else) in skill tournaments.

Thanks you guys for the tips, thankfully because of previous events where we got to dart dilorach I have over 170 of it’s dna and I live in zone 4 so unlocking it will not be much of an issue.

I would not go above level 25 for dilo now. I smell a fusable apex coming needing it now it has been buffed.