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King kong vs godzilla week

to celebrate the new movie that just came out king kong vs godzilla they should make a week about it

commons:Eremotherium dimetrodon gen 2 Archaeotherium
rares:Entelodon dimetrodon spinosaurus
epics:Spinosaurus gen 2 secodontosaurus edaphosaurus woolly mammoth

What do you think
  • Yes I like this idea
  • No I hate this idea

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There’s only one creature missing for this

Well what is it @Apple

Woolly Mammoth

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I thought that for Godzilla, it would be Alanqa’s hybrid for the legendary and Dio for the unique.

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Why would Ankylosaurus be in the event

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yeah, I actually forgot about dio, and before mortem it was the closest looking thing to godzilla

would you be talking about behemoth?
Haven’t seen the movie but I’ve seen enough spoilers and leaks

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(10 ch

@TehColonel give me a reason why would you hate this idea

perhaps they just didn’t like it, the only options available are I like it or I hate it, but I guess they could have commented too

That gives me a godzilla vs kong update idea.

New creatures :
Mastodon (common)
Megatherium (epic)
Gigantophitecus (epic)
Gojirasaurus (epic)

Hybrids :
Megatodon = Megatherium + mastodon ground sloth with tusks (behemoth)

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You just did Gojirasaurus 2 times

I’ve corrected it

I’m a godzilla fan, but I am not a fan of extremely forced crossover events with big properties. Not only are they properties owned by different companies, but the selected creatures are massive stretches to be related to the movie. Its way to forced for what, to me, would be a very meh crossover.


He returns in a spin off comic called godzilla dominion and he fights another new titan called ahmuluk

Thank you… I didn’t know that… and was actually hoping to get the comic…

Is there another reason why you hate this idea @TehColonel

Behemoth is the only new titan that deserves his own spin off movie. Or a Netflix series. Speaking of Netflix there is a upcoming monster verse skull island anime series confirmed

They just explained themselves, you are the one who gave the choice in the polls to like the idea or hate it

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