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Knights of Kadosh

We are a band of ragtag adventurers who love this game. Will you rise to the occasion to become a Knight of Kadosh. If you think you have what it takes, come join us.

Is open for recruitment. Currently are rules are easy and common: request donations, give donations, and continue to grow. We ask that you do the rally events so when the time comes you have keys to use.

Let those who have eyes see.

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A great guild, we have room for 12 more.

Certainly! We are prone to grog, sharing tips on battle, slaying mind flayers, telling stories, giving goods to one another. Story tellers, poets and bards! Come join the Knights of Kadosh!

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It seems that you have many inactive guild members. Our guild, The Arcane Enchanters is the same, but what if we take your handful of active players and our handful and maybe find some other guilds in the same boat? Pretty soon we should have a rockn guild!?

Would be great if we can do a merger! We got a small but dedicated group of members. Our guild leader is on pretty much every day so you should get a quick response if you wanna drop a request!!

We have 21 players who are active. It would be great if we can fit and create a super active guild. It has been three weeks since we have recieved an application from Ludias “random guild selection board”.

Here in the We are family we welcome everyone. Activity is all that’s required

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