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Know who we are battling before the match

How difficult would it be to have our opponent name at the start of the match. I can’t see that swaying the match either way.


Would like to see this along with their Alliance

I dunno guys …
I wouldn’t hold it past some people to throw matches if they recognize a familiar face (especially if they’re in the same less-than-ethical alliance).

The arena doesn’t surprise me anymore with how shady some people will be.

Also … the Hawthorne effect


The Hawthorne effect?

Yeah I suppose. I could see a situation where if someone in our alliance really needed that last win to rank or something I would purposely lose…

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The Hawthorne effect (also referred to as the observer effect) is a type of reactivity in which individuals modify an aspect of their behavior in response to their awareness of being observed.

And yes I googled this haha


I feel bad winning against my lower level alliance members in friendlies so NOOOOOOO please leave my Tournament opp anonymous.

And I agree it has much room for abuse.

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You can sometimes guess who it might be based on their profile picture, especially if they have a less common one. Obviously, if you just battled you’re similar in rank/trophies and currently in the arena.

But I agree with pp, we shouldn’t know their name until after the match.

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this is what pvp is for. i dont really think its neccessary in regular arena

Custom icons then? Little bit of mystery …

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I would like a region identifier because I’ve played uk us and some European countries with no problems but every time I play a Chinese gamer I’ve got to restart my app

This morning I started a battle and their dinosaur never came onto the screen. The timer counted down 3 times and I did a force close. Was able to battle again to fill my last spot. Then about an hour ago the battle screen comes on and says I lost. This isn’t fair because I never saw any dinosaurs in the opponent’s spot and they took trophies away from me. Anyone have this happen to them?

i’m ignoring the rest of your post and imaging you saying it whilst your hair is that lovely shade of purple.

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