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Knowing there is a boost reset coming

Is anyone else a little more free and easy with them? Boosting things you’ve been holding off on just to see how it goes?


I would, but none of the stuff i want is to team level yet.

I maxed out my team. Why not?

I am carefully calculating all of my boosts and making sure I know exactly what I have, both used and unused.

Given that Jorge posted the information, I am skeptical of the amount of truth contained in the post.


I’m not falling for it, because Ludia might change their minds about the reset. I’d rather stick to the initial plan. Keep anything below Unique unboosted, create their uniques, and boost them to the sky later on. Kapro’s the only exception to that rule.


Exactly! I can totally see Jorge posting in a couple months, “It looks like there will actually be no boost reset. We decided to keep the current system in place. However, to rectify the situation, I have edited my original post to now show the new information. Boosts will remain the same.”

Then everyone who used their boosts to try new things out are out of luck (and their boosts), because it was their fault trusting the information posted.

Just be safe and wait to see if this time the information is correct.


I went ahead and threw my boosts on and hollered "damn the torpedoes " I tossed more speed on my Mexican Mafia Chicken, now she’s like a steroid crazed green Arnold Schwarzenegger and I give her love and praise each time she stomps Thor.

I pulled the trigger on T8.
May as well make use of them as they aren’t helping sitting in the bank and I’m getting them back anyway.

I faced a tier 8 speed Erlidom today. Will be interesting to see the arena over the next few weeks.

used mine. sure why not, i had a ton of unused ones.

It’s going to be interesting when they renege on what they stated.


“when” instead of “if”. You seem to have experience with the accuracy of information received as well. Love it!

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I am not boosting anything. I am keeping track of what I have used and what I have banked up. It’s killing me though because I have 4-5 dino’s ready to jump to next level and tier.