Knowledge is Power

So I went up against someone today who had their Monomimus and immediately used their evasive stance against my Monosteg. Haha okay great free hit on you. Then someone else used their Irex cloak against my Monosteg. Awesome, that’s 2 free hits. The same person tried to use instant cripple on my Monomimus and brought out their Einasuch when I had my Trago with its long invincibility. I easily won both of those battles because they also started rage switching.

I know this has probably been said before, but a big part of battle strategy is knowing your opponent. I know it’s almost impossible to read the whole dino description in the heat of battle, but you can at least glance at the symbols to see what kind of attacks they have. Just a thought I had and I think more people should take that into consideration.


Totally agree. We can’t rely only on our dinos, but need to think what is the best strategy with every opponent we face. Can’t stress to much on this. Won many battle just thinking all the time “what are you doing, man? You swap in Alanchilosauro against my postimetrodonte defense shattering impact??” :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: