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Koola what now?

Another poorly non-QA’d promotion.

So what is it? Is it the Epic Koola or the Rare Koola?


Bunch of clueless clowns. *smh

It’s the rare one. I saw it near my house earlier and they don’t spawn here. Why they used the Gen 1 icon for it though is beyond me.

I wish I could remember which it was but this isn’t the first time they put the wrong picture in there. I remember people commenting stuff like “does Ludia even play their own game?” It happens

Epic… ? It is in the pic…

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It’s the wrong pic, Koola Gen 2 is the one used for the hybrid Koolabougiana, so they messed up the picture.

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You gotta pay more attention to what they promote to spot the obvious mistakes.


Hehe, I like it when we had Hatzegopterez.