Koolab, what does it counter? How does it hold up against higher tier creatures?

I’m not sure many people use it, especially in higher arenas, so this is probably a question for those gamepress people on the forums who helped with the tier list.

(I’m pretty sure) koolab is a mediocre legendary but it’s kit and play style has always interested me. I’m just curious about what kind of creatures it counters and what it falls flat against. Does it have any kind of utility or is it something best left as a stepping stone to Gemi

@Piere87 any chance you could provide some details on this topic?

Usually your fierce resilients are going to do well against it. It has only one distraction move that has a decent cooldown, so if you can bypass it, it is quite vulnerable. It also does lack some output. Your diplovenator and concavenator are going to do well with it, being able to work around distraction and shields. It does well with some cunnings and fierce creatures like the indoraptors, indom, and erlidom. It is also good for fierce creatures with that swap-in distraction

It’s not rly good, mostly a T-Loph counter, and maybe Allosino in a pinch, but it’s low output kind of hurts it. Maybe picking off a cunning in a pinch, but it has no long decel so that hurts it as well

Thanks, definitely helps me get a better idea of its utility

It wasn’t always that way. Originally it has 1.4k damage, don’t know why they nerfed it’s attack so much

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It has a multiplier now. It didn’t before

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Forgot about that. That’s true