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Koolabourgiania and Alankylosaurus

both two were designed in defensive hybrid. Interesting, Koolabourgiania specialize in distraction while Alankylosaurus’ is armory and shield.

now, let’s take a look at thier stats and skills

Health Point 4500
Damage 1400
Armor N/A
Speed 115

Nullifying Strike
Short Defense
Distracting Strike
Instant Invincibility
Swap in Distraction

Pros: Nullifying Strike can deal with those annoying evasive and cloak features. Distracting Strike and Short Defense still can manage to weaken an opponent’s damage while damage them. this is really useful when you face up with any raptors or chompers in some case.

Swap in Distraction is surprisely useful if you using it in the right time. Koolabourgiania has a high damage equal to Indoraptor. if you boost its speed beyond now, it might be a fearful bird that can hurt your enemy hard while that enemy can’t fully land 100% damage on it as it should.

Cons: even it has high damage stat rival to Indoraptor, it doesn’t have multiply damage skill like impact or rampage. you can decease your opponent damage, but you can’t rise up your damage output if critical damage doesn’t occur (or using damage boost).

Health Point 3990
Damage 1000
Armor 30%
Speed 114

Short Defense
Long Invincibility
Swap in Invincibility

Pros: whiles it doesn’t have a high health point or damage point as Koolabourgiania, it has 30% armor and multiply attack (Rampage) as compensation.

Ever wanted your opponent Erlidomimus to feel useless? Well now you can, thanks to Speed Boosts!

Short Defense and Long Invincibility can make a dreadful Erlidomimus stuns itself in shock if you can manage to be faster than him! Speed boost is your Alankylosaurus friend! as long as Alankylosaurus is faster and doesn’t face up with some chompers. he is truly invincible!

Cons: even it’s armed with defensive stuff like armor and shield, this current meta and feature don’t really get along well with it. first, there is chomper known as Thoradolosaur. Second, there is always Dracoceratops in every team. Last, there is stat boost feature.

Both of them can be really frightening if they are more faster than they are now.

Koolabourgiania can raise its damage beyond 2,000 point with stat boost while Alankylosaurus can boost up just only to 1,500 - 1,800 based damage at level 30 but it has Rampage which deal twice damage!.

What do you think about them. I personally like Alankylosaurus since it’s released but this newly Koolabourgiania is also adorable too!


Alankylo is very good, but could be better… But Koolabou seems like nothing more than a step to Geminititan (which isn’t even that good compared to other uniques)… Honestly, a legendary shouldn’t have only x1 damage moves.


Alankylosaurus was my go to dino for a while. I’m not a fan of random based Dino’s.

I swear they pull out indominus and cloak you drop in alankylosaurus and you can hear thier groan through the phone.

But as you stated boosts and the current range of opponents make alankylosaurus less useful… Getting nerfed a bit didn’t help.


I would’ve kept Alankylo if it had got a buff, but it was nerfed instead, so I went back to Stegod… I know meta is cruel with tanks, but boosting stegod’s HP makes it more useful. It wouldn’t make sense to boost Alankylo, because it would still have less HP than a Stegod with no boosts…

I see the appeal in stegod but tragod took that role… It counter attack and stun made the decision… And stegod uses much more stegod dna. With that not being used up as fast I was able to get monostego it was kinda like 2 for 1.

But yeah game is not very tank friendly

I don’t have Geminititan myself. But I might be ended up leveling Koolabourgiania pass level 20 before having Gemini.

This big bird is just too cute. :wink:

I actually put Alankylo on my team tonight after long suffering from a lack of Erlidom and Indominus counters.

Basically if they brought out either of those cloakers, it meant I either had to risk trying to hit them through cloak, and even then you gotta one shot them…OR swap in my weakest dinosaur as a sacrifice, but that still causes me to lose a Dino!

And you know what? ive had 3 battles tonight since putting on Alankylo, and I won ALL THREE directly because of it! In the first fight at level 20 it took on a 24 damage boosted Erlidom and beat it, next match same thing and in final match stopped Indominus big hit with its swap in invincibility, used long invincibility and killed the Indom!

Now I don’t have to lose a dinosaur when they come out.
I was just saying the other day that Im having real trouble with the cloakers, as it almost always resulted in a lost dinosaur in the past, unless something like Thor one shot it through its dodging…which isn’t always the case!

Oh and now we have attempts at Alanqa this weekend, be even higher level!

I know Gemini can fill same role as its also got swap in invincibility, and in the future Alankylo could get a Unique, but that might be a while off…AND im miles away from creating Gemini, and I need a big hit blocker on the team right now!
Im already seeing a vast improvement in my teams ability to win matches! Plus I LOVE the birds.

The Alanqa model with the massive beak is my favourite flyer.

Koolabourgiania needs distracting impact and instant invencibility changed to instant distraction I will say the same thing to darwezopteryx

I think Iron Man is better than .The Beakless Bird. But then, there is the new God Geminititan, who has more health than Apatosaurus (whaaa).

I swapped out Alanqa for Koolabourgiania just because I like it and I can’t fuse Alankylo very soon so its level is a bit too low for the team. But I certainly lost many battles towards Indom due to having no proper counter.

I hope they can make tanks good. Right now everyone just run nearly all damage-based Dino without real synergies. Basically if you got the best damage dealers, you have the best team.

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I’ll have you know that Koolab is part of my team. Hold its own really well and has killed countless boosted Thor’s. Its attack is minorly boosted. Don’t inssult this beautiful creature

What’s your Koolab’s level ?

I find mine works from time to time but usually not doing that good…Still using it though.

Killed boosted Thors? The only way it can do that is if your Koolab is faster. And if that’s the case, many other dinos can kill it too. Speed is the problem with Thors.

But I’m not saying Koolab is bad, but it could be better.

It’s hilarious when a Alankylo comes out and puts up swap in Invincibility and gets smashed with DSR.

Too bad it’s my Alankylo lol

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Alankylosaurus is a very well balanced dinosaur.

It is one of the glaring examples of how Dino’s should be done . Could it be better yes should it no.

A few tweaks here and there will put it back on my team again.

I don’t hesitate to level Koolabourgiania over level 20 as I know its unique hybrid is Geminititan. but I still can’t make up my mind to level Alankylosaurus over level 20 because there is a chance that it will get its own unique later.

True about Kylo possibly getting a unique at some stage, but it also may never happen…or not for a while. I say use it while you can if you like it, because why wait forever? I mean we aren’t investing in a company or something, we playing a game for fun…why wait forever?

Only if you know you can get some good use out of it though and that it synergises with the rest of your team, otherwise its dead weight taking up a precious dinosaur slot.

All I need is just ‘A Little Push’ like this. :wink:

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Mines level 19 and does me well. Usually noticed a couple of patterns with my opponent to when they send DC out and a lot of the time when I have him, he blocks it

That’s an old picture of when he was 18

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And afterwards can you kill it or you just swap again for its potential return ? Because I think it cannot kill Draco on its on ?