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Koolabourgiania and Alankylosaurus


What about darwezopteryx


If the Kookaburra one or whatever its name is had Pinning Strike, it would be a hard counter to Rat!


Darwezopteryx doesn’t specialize in defensive like these two, so I don’t include it in this topic.

Defense Shattering Strike is really useful if you manage to land the bleed on them from Swap in effect, but that’s all! Darwezopteryx won’t stay long until it can swoop out again as it can’t clease itself like Darwin or Stygidaryx (well, at least it has Instant Invincibility).

I’d suggest you to use it for a step to Stygidaryx.


Yes it can. Shield, distraction nulifying


In this patch Darwin’s cleansing impact has been changed to defense shattering impact as well.

I’m using Darwezopteryx and I boosted its health so that it has a higher chance to survive. Unless the opponent also boosted their attack…

I feel that Instant Invincibility is so much worse than instant distraction and instant charge.
Ironically it has invincibility in its name but it’s actually the weakest.


Instant Invincibility is underrated due to it’s easily predictable. but in many cases it can be use to buy the turn of letting Darwezopteryx’s SiWound kicking in DoT or letting its ‘locked up’ cleanse in the next turn for running away again.

I didn’t really notice about Darwin’s ability was changed. Thanks mate.


Yeah I know it can buy a turn for it, but comparing to instant distraction and instant charge, invincibility has so much more weakness - defense shattering, definite, nullifying, rending…on top of that it has a cooldown of 3 turns.

As the weakest move among them all I just can’t see the logic behind.

About Darwin, I think they didn’t mention it in the patch notes. I only noticed that myself directly in-game.


The only reason people think instant invincibility is not great, is because of all the chompers


Just like I listed : Chompers, nullifying, definite, rending…nearly everything has a way to remove a shield now and as Invincibility is in the form of a shield, it is just not as effective as Instant distraction, and don’t even mention Instant charge which also deals 1X damage. I don’t understand why they give it 3 turns of cooldown.


The instant invincibility skill is very useful but it requires you to time it right and know your opponent and dino


I think 3 turns cooldown is an ok, I won’t feel good for sure if my opponent can become invincible every 2 turns when my team don’t have anythings that can piece invincibility on that match. at least, I still have 3 turns period to manage to put my opponent down.


I cant even count the amount of times my Dios invincibility or Alankylo’s Swap-in invincibility saved me. If you use it just right it can be extremely powerful.

That pesky Erlidom or Indom that just cloaked? no worries, Invincibility it up lol.

Sometimes I swear I can hear the other players phone smash against the wall when I swap in Alankylo after Erlidom or Indom cloaks lol.


@Faethor_Ferenczy @Dhrita_Gane

I know how to use it. It’s just there are so many counters for it right now, that most of the time Instant distraction and Instant charge is much better than it.

Just imagine replacing instant distraction of Sucho with Instant invincibility ; or replacing instant charge of Thor / allosino / utah / sino with instant invincibility. Do you think those dinos will still be as strong as they are now? Probably not. Because Invincibility is just worse than the other 2 abilities but somehow with a much longer cooldown.

I understand that there are creatures having Instant invincibility ( acronym : II) and Instant distraction in their kits and it certainly would be a problem if they can use them every turn. But I hope they can help some other creatures by giving them a better version of II so that they would be more useful.


For sure It has its usages. I used Alanqa a lot to counter the same thing.

But other than that, it has very fringe usage. It’s almost like they intentionally create immune creatures without shield breaking move to make shield appealing. But if you think about it, almost any other creatures can make shields useless. That’s what I don’t like about.

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Yeah 1.7 did add a lot of new ways to bypass shields, even though Thor already existed lol. And yeah I also used Alanqa before I got Kylo, actually Alanqa is my favourite flyer model, its beak is awesome lol!

As for shields, I dunno why but every time I swap in with Swap-in Invincibility I imagine Kylo saying “Helloooo, im just gunna sit down right har!” lol
Like a bird would ever beat something like an Indominus rex lol (if it existed that is)!

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