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Many of you might not agree with me, but personally, I think this creature is great. Boosted speed once and health and attack twice. Countered almost every swap on shattering rampage (2 I didn’t predict). Softened so many hard hits from Thor and Tryko and not to mention boosted Utahsinos. I personally think that this creature had a great potential

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I’ll nickname it “Sumo”

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It has a great potential and a bad hybridation.

But it has won be a lot of battles

If Geminititan will be reworked for match better his flyer component it will become interesting. Instead, Koolambougiania will be the dead end of the hybrid line.

Well also with the lack of Diplo DNA going round…

Right. But one already did it and is esthetically awesome.

If you know where is it from… Great

Is it that good

Not gonna lie its kinda “blugh”