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Koolasaurus is coming to JWA?




I think yes. And I hope yes.

That was one hybrid design I really liked from that game. I mean, not the radioactive colors (those are ugly), but the general look of the little bugger.


I kinda like the looks of it, it’s cute in an ugly way.

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I’m not familiar with this hybrid… what are the ingredients?


Koolasuchus + sarcosuchus in JWTG

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Ah thank you. I assume it’ll having Slowing, Nullifying, Distracting, Pinning. Might be interesting


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not quite right


Imo the new one is a bit different, its probably using the purrusaurus g1 instead of sarco, to make the “saurus” part of its name have sense and also to give purru g1 some use.


I think they have slightly upgraded the model, just like that our Diplotator is different from JWTG Diplotator.

Which is sad their Diplotator looks way better. But probably Koola will look better.

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I am hoping as well it’s good ol’ Purrusaurus.


It could be a completely new hybrid though, just the silhouette looks similar.


i still think its mixed with gorgosuchus. either way i hope its not garbage lol.

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The armor it has on its back is extremely similar, almost identical.

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I remember there was an old thread saying something like what Dino’s from JW/JP games do you want in the JWA?” And somebody said they really wanted koolasaurus. There was also someone who said koolasaurus is the ugliest and that he hopes he never gets added. Congrats to the first dude and sorry this is happening to the other dude


It was probably me, the second guy, lol.
If it gets a new model and new colors im fine with that, i really hope they don’t use the old jwtg model and the old neon purple colors, its an animal not an rgb keyboard lol.
The only thing i hope they never add are cenozoics mammals, that would ruin the game.


How do we know it’s Koolasuchus? What if it’s Diplocaulus G2 :open_mouth:


I want the bright shiny salamander. Keep the colors just give it good but understated moves

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Btw, now that i look more at it, it doesnt really seem like koolasaurus to me.
It doesnt have teeths, its armor is different and it has a strange “horn” on its head, its not koolasaurus imo.


this makes sense. its just hard to see in the silhouette. im thinking purrusaurus also.


I adore the “ugly dogs” of Jurassic World Alice. Diplotator leads the pack for sure.