They have no reason to NOT add koolasaurus from JW the game. I mean, they have koolasuchus and sarcosuchus…! I could even have the koolasuchus animation and the color scheme of a lvl 20 koolasaurus in JW the game.image|281x499

If it was added, should it be legendary? The stats and attacks could be:

Speed: 122
Armor: 10%
Critical chance: 5%

Lockpin strike
Nullefying impact
Slowing impact
Distracting impact
Swap in wound

What do you think the stats should be? Just a fun question.


I hope they don’t add him, because It looks so ugly

No, he cute

Hopefully they will use Gen 2. I’ll be ready.


As long as they use Purussaurus instead, so the “saurus” part makes sense.

Yes! Thats clever!

Dang bro y did u level up ur gen 2 one so much?

The fact that we probably all have so much of the Koola dna may be the reason that it will never get a hybrid

Ludia is committed to ensuring that we players continue to feel challenged and motivated

Koolasuchus + Sarcosuchus = Koolasuchus