Koolasuchus as a Hybrid


I love Koolasuchus (epic). He’s like this swiss army knife of debuff and I really wish I could mix some dna to level it up.

How about letting us splice Koolasuchus Gen 2 and Diplocaulus for Koolasuchus Epic?


My body is ready for a koolasuchus legendary hybrid


I still don’t have enough DNA for the Epic Koolasuchus but my Level 16 Koolasuchus Gen 2 has been on my team for months now.


I’ve seen koolasuchus one time in the wild ever :joy::joy:


You have seen a Koolasuchas once in the wild?


On the screen of course :roll_eyes:


I know… but needed a slight adjustment with the grammar. :wink:


Prepatch the nost commons epics for me was koolasuchus and ouranosaurus, they disapeared now, but for my luck i collected enought dng from btoh to make hydrids and decent lvl they haha


I’ve got enough to be doing without worrying about my grammar when half of the forum doesn’t speak English anyway :innocent:


What about Koola+Procerato= Debuffing feathered nightmare from the black lagoon lol


Koolasuchus (e) is speedy already but I wouldn’t say no to feathers and more speed!


Give it 200 speed and immunity


200 speed :joy::joy::joy: get out of here


Ooh there could be an erliko gen 2 koola gen 2hybrid with 700 speed 99999999 health 1800 damage (all at level 6, it’s a rare) 100% armor with evasive strike that has 100% dodge chance and deals 4x damage


It would be called ‘the Trump’




Same. Mines lvl 13 from just incubators lol granted when he used to be on my team he took out a indoraptor :joy:


Dude I totally agree! I use him as my finisher. Haha stops em in their tracks.
Should fuse with Dilophosaurus.



Koola epic fused with either Rex Gen2 or Baryonyx.

Evil, pure and simple from the Eighth Dimension!!


Koola+Suchotator= Spiky nullifying bleeder
Koola+Dracorex= Thick headed abomination that’d give diplotator a run for its money
Koola+Dilorano= Unique Aquadynamic sailfrog
I’ll take one of those lol
Or we could wait until we get pterosaurs in the coming months and have Koolacoatlus. Wouldn’t that be a sight?