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Koolasuchus gen 2 (File 10 artistic concept)

These are dinosaur concept teasers that should be coming to JWTG!
I’m sure this creature will definitely be voted on by everyone!
Needed in the game!
Maybe I can even give him a hybrid!
Everyone welcome the fantastic Koolasuchus gen 2!

Koolasuchus gen 2

DNA cost: 7850
Here are the statistics:

Level 10


Level 20


Level 30


Level 40


Do you want this creature added?
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  • Nop

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Which dinosaur do you want me to come out?
  • A hybrid for the Koolasuchus gen 2!
  • A new legendary tournament HERBIVORE hybrid!
  • My drawing of an AMPHIBIOUS hybrid!

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I would love to see koolasuchus gen 2. But i rather want it becoming a regular legendary cause we already have three limited amphibians of his animation


tommy, for the next thread, can you do doedicomimus, better than my picture.magicut_1618595950092~2

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I voted for a hybrid, but your drawing must be perfect!

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his attack should be weaker, rather 721 in attack.

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I hope the if the amphibious hybrid wins, it will be kaprostega: kaprosuchus gen 2 plus acanthostega.

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This is the most intense voting I’ve ever seen!
53%, 26% 21%

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Dear friend, this is a good idea!
I will start drawing it first (it can take a week or more!), Then I will do it so that I can scan it (it takes one, maybe 2 days!), I download it, it is when it is there I will have it ready I will publish it !
This could take 2 weeks!
If you have patience you will have your creature!

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THANKS tommy, you are so nice! :smiley::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

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friend, I’m going to wait as long as it takes :wink:

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i would like to see koolostega a super-hybrid of koolosaurusand ichthyostega s-dna

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