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Koolasuchus in disguise


Few days ago I saw an Ankylosaurus spawning near my neighbourhood. I got out and when I almost had it within drone distance, the game would switch from day to dusk and the Ankylosaurus turns into a Koolasuchus. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Now today, similar happened with a Tuojianga which, not even 5 minutes after it had spawned, turned into a Postosuchus, when the game switched from dawn to day mode. What’s especially strange about it, is that a second Tuojianga, which was not even 100m away, “survived” the switch from dawn to day and stayed Tuojianga…

Is this behaviour intended? If so, it is pretty annoying…

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Yeah that‘s normal. I agree that this is extremely annoying.
Tuojinga spawns from dusk til dawn and also at daylight. That‘s why some turn into day spawning dinos while other stay…or lets say they also respawn but due to RNG another Tuojinga spawns.

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