Koolasuchus, what battle use could it have?

I very briefly tried to use it in our most recent Epic skill tournament and after getting a battle that would seem like an idea match up I found it to be the first one off of the team.

Koolasuchus, a type of distracter vs a T-Rex. With no critical hits at all a basic robotic approach of T-Rex using Impact, Rampage, Impact, means T-Rex is guaranteed to win no matter what.

On paper it looks like it would be great with it’s speed and ability to Distract, Slow, and Nullify. In reality I’d like to know if anyone found a good use for this thing.

I havent found any. Gen 2 seems a bit more usefull though.

It’s not for nothing that it’s a restroom spawn :laughing:


I have way too much Koolasuchus G1. Mine is at level 12 and has about 1200 DNA stored up for nothing. I always find it, and to me it’s more common than rares.

None… no use whatsoever… but that little poo keeps spawning like crazy when no one asked it to

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If it’s level 12 you probably haven’t unlocked it’s hybrid yet so I’m not sure how 1200 is too much.

Actually I’m not sure how 1200 of anything would ever be too much.


You can make one of these little devil spawn to play with with all the Koola.

ah yes. Not-so-kool-asuchus.

It needs an attack buff imo


I prefer koolasuchus gen 2. I took it out from my team last summer. It was mvp of my team back then. :laughing:

Both the Koolas are pretty bad on their own. The only thing they are used for is the hybrids. Koola2 for Gemini and Koola for Skoola, which may eventually get a hybrid.