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Krom's list of observed bug

I plan to keep updated this post with bug I have observe myself if some are fixed I plan to edit out and if there is other suggested I will test them and add them here

Here the bug I have for now

critical failure debuff isnt detailed when you click on an ennemy to see detail of buff and debuff. Still work


Legendary bow proc does nothing if there is only one ennemy on the row of your target (no extra attack)

Common helm the extra random attack stop if your first target die


Might be only with the French version but as you can see common spell book description on that screen is written ranged attack + increase damage but there is no increase damage with that ability

Epic weapon doesn’t proc on counter attack when it on the boss of lightfinger

With the rare axe if you are disarm you can’t taunt

Farideh legendary helm if you are disarm you can still use that ability even if there is damage linked to it

Not sure if it is a bug but calliope nayeli and jarlaxle boots/pants and chest doesn’t get offensive stats compare to the other characters only hp and defense

@Ned if you people to test some version I’m available 🙋

I have commented about being disarmed and not able to taunt in the past… not sure what weapon I was using