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Kudos on whispering death event


This event has a nice balance of rewards and the final rewards feel like a good fit.

I might not finish (whispering death is lacking in my dragons) but it would be worth it if I can


Yeah, wanted to say that this is a step(albeit only a step) in the right direction. I do have a Bombwelter, but he is carp. I see it this way - if this event can be finished with 3 revives, seeing as it’s a fixed 100 per revive, and you don’t waste energy on retries - it could be a good way to “semi-legitimately” obtain a draft, where “gameplay effort” substitutes for the remaining 100 runes.
But otherwise…1 energy is like 4 runes. So wasting a 10 energy or so per attempt is like wasting 40 runes. Figured it with all the Trust events, used to waste energy after a “neverluckybabyrage” streak, and buy it back, but why waste and\or buy energy - when you can instead invest into resets and just do the stuff that’s granted?
So if you waste more energy value than it would take if you just once revived OR if you both revive and then lose - then it would be cheaper to just buy a draft.