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Kurgaloth EZMode

Firstly let me state that I don’t claim to be any sort of genius guru or even have any special knowledge or even skill at this game. In fact, my primary motivation for playing this game is because I feel like it’s the easiest, most straightforward game I can play regularly with as low a level of effort as possible because I’m inherently lazy and not very bright.

So with that out of the way, I did a bit of mucking around with gear and crew and reckon I’ve hit upon a pretty EZ mode way of killing Kurgaloth. This video was the third attempt at it and I’ll admit, a good deal of luck was involved in the execution here, but short of Tommus not going before Kurg in the initiative order, or his boots not proccing the extra action to move before he can drop one of his succubi, I can usually get through it OK with this setup whether lucky or not.

So here’s a crappy video of the third tier encounter with Kurgaloth.

I have no clue what game you are playing, but for me Kurgaloth hits my level 15 tommy that has 30 000 defense for over 9 000 damage without crit or his attack buff (runes). So none of my character even stand a chance to sustain 1 hit of this demon.

The one on room 6 hits my tommy around 4000 - 5000 with my defense stats at normal (749).
Once i give it all his defense modifier, i do stand a chance to survive 1 hit, but never a single one on room 9 and i’ve tried that Mofo for since he started 3-4 times a day on my free runs.

Cool video, i’ve known about that tactic it’s just that i cannot sustain 1 hit so i would only prevent 1 demon from spawning and giving my damage dealer 1 more turn to finish the job.

Tommus has an epic weapon + shield combo that procs a gnarly AC buff. That and his Legendary legs which, when proccing the extra action also gives an AC buff. Halbenet’s legendary ring gives a group-wide AC buff at the start of his turn (10% chance but weirdly seems to proc a lot more than 10% would suggest). Keeping Tommus’ AC buff’s stacked as much and as often as possible is pretty critical which is why I go for the counterattack gloves (legendary) and counterattack head (epic). That way he has max opportunities to proc that AC buff which lasts three turns per stack. Without that AC buff I can take one non-crit, low rolled hit from T3 Kurgaloth, but most of the time even Tommus will get one hit. With one AC buff, he can almost always survive a basic hit, two and he’s fine even with a high rolled hit, three and he can even survive a crit sometimes.

I know about all this AC stacking.
I do not use the 10% from Halbernet as I prefer him healing himself for 1000 every time he takes a hit but here are some stats of my Tommy:

And event with his pants, taunt with 50% AC (as I do not have the legendary that applies the counter), the bracers and weapon, I start most of my encounters with all his buffs and they keep on stacking, yet when I get to this boss it’s always: 1 shot deal.
My renown is 20 if that makes any sense to this. But on my games, this boss is literally unbeatable.
I will test it again in 1hour and take screenshots of his earth-shattering hits on me.
I get to room 9 easily with my team, yet this dude is a WALL

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I Heard before that it is possible that your renown/level increase the difficulty.

Might be the case.

So i tested during my entire lunch did about 6-7 runs
On this first screen shot my defense was around 2000

My problem is that i’ll survive this first hit (if it’s not a crit) but will not survive the second one.
Yes i’ll top him off with halbernet’s heal. But most of his status will clear out and run with 800-1200 defense and get killed.

On this second picture, my defense was around 1200, no runes what so ever and yet he killed me 1 shot (max health 4.3 k)

I was able to kill him on my last try ONLY because i did a crit on my mage’s legendary book and hit him for 21 000 while he was at 0 defense:

It also seems as i need to be extremly lucky in order to be able to do this boss with the strat that you showed us. You do need to have the tommy pants proc as well as the defense runes instead of the attack so that way you can focus on buffing / debuffing during that turn so you maximize the damage on the next turn.
Anyway, this was the first time i’ve killed this monster, but i doubt i’ll be “farming” him as i can’t reliably do this not like HCD which i can do without even looking at the screen as it’s too easy.

I recall the misunderstanding which led some players to believe renown level increases challenge difficulty starting shortly after one of the updates.

What the update did was adjust the difficulty level of all dungeons regardless of challenge rating. Additionally, the update also adjusted the length of all challenges to a uniform 9 rooms.

The description provided with the update was misinterpreted by some and led to this confusion.

I will take screenshot later today but I have been using a strat similar to your and I have no problem killing him and survivor with tommus. However I use the rare taunt ability as it gives 50% defense

Just had the time to play and took some screenshot

You can see the defense I had and how much damage I took and I can reach 10k defense I never really go below 50% unless it a crit

The runes are irrelevant. They’re all gone before the first hit regardless of whether or not they’re defensive or offensive. The only difference would be whether Tommus gets to the third row before Kurgaloth can summon a succubus. And even then, it’s slower because I’m not getting the damage from Tommus (which is significant, he hits like a… tank), but I still generally get through it since it also means I’m taking less damage and doing damage through Halbenet’s movement proc and the two ranged.

I killed him sorry I don’t recall the set up

A major factor in the dmg your doing is that you reduce demon shields with archer movement, warlock and tommus hit - hence you can burn through him quickly

I find the technique of letting the succubus spawn easier


Epic lute (for dominate on first succubus)
Sword either level 2 legendary for wounding boss or epic to stop succubus moving (or stun)

Level 7 rare helm, 3 turn ability block
Level 5 epic or level 2 legendary boots for 75% chance of second move
Shields up taunt (more important for the rooms than boss as I use him to remove hexes and ability block)
Epic bracers gain shield when hit

Level 7+ Rare feet to ready abilities
Epic hood - ability block AOE
Legendary grimoire or level 9 common fireball
(Warlock with legendary weapon a good substitute)

Level 7 rare quiver, shields down on boss
Level 7 rare long bow to wound boss
Level 9 common for wild shot (can one shot a succubus if u get in trouble).
Boots attack or shields down with move


-You never move into melee range so always ignore any offence hexes that demon generates.

  • Ideally use Tommus boots to remove 2 of the defence hexes, use a character that can attack from 3 zones to remove the third, the ideal is wizard, can refresh her legendary grimoire ability with move.
  • control succubus - 1) dominate first one (will get at least one hit on demon for you), 2) Tommus 3 turn ability block on next one, 3) wizard AOE when third generates. By now you should have killed demon, if not you can taunt with Tommus in second row from front as succubus sacrifice and move others back as necessary (also use archer wild shot it will one shot just about anything)
  • wound demon with archer long bow, calliope legendary sword and hit it with wizard legendary grimoire (or fireball). Alternatively want 3 zone wounding attack with warlock or archer. He doesn’t last long with archer and calliope wounding him.

My characters are fairly low level, I find that this technique works better than Tommus to front row for 2 dice. I’m assuming it will also work better for 3 dice (of course that may not be the case ;op)

@deathmessia can you give this a go and let me know how it go’s?
I note also that DK had 3* shield down on boss making it much easier to tear through him

Umm… yes. Not sure what point you’re trying to make by pointing out the bleeding obvious?

I too wasn’t able to sustain any hits from Kurg in explore mode, nor room 6/9, even using the above approaches.

My strategy was instead : ignore both him and the succubus, and have 3x 3 zone ranged characters keep shooting him. Only absolute must was mammoth fur quiver to reduce his AC. Character 4 plays cannon fodder / distraction strategy with the succubus - only job is to delay length of time before they reach the final zone. Works well for me until I can go toe to toe :slight_smile:

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The point is you seem to want to list the items that you used including the next to useless cleric item with a 10% proc rate, it would be sensible to mention the items that you are using that lower shields as these play a large part in your success certainly more than the useless cleric trinket

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You take any hits from Kurg in the approach I outline as you never move anyone into the melee zone