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L1-5 Error, Noah Cruz

Earlier today, I was going through Noah’s conversations. Everything was fine up until what seemed like the end of the conversation. It booted me out saying Network Error so I checked my connection and started again. I could get into other conversations but when I went back to officially end that chat session with Noah, it booted me out with the same message again.

It says he’s still online, but I can’t get into the chat without it kicking me out for the life of me. I’m worried it’s going to unmatch us if it isn’t fixed soon. I spent a little money on Gems to get that far. I really don’t want to lose that progress.

I’m pretty sure that if even if you get unmatched, progress won’t be lost. I’ve heard that once you match with them again, you pick off where you were at.
This is based on from what I read on forums and even reddit.

I was unmatched from Ryan by the game during his break. As soon as he came back in the possible matches, I was able to start right where the story left off. Don’t worry if you happen to be unmatched, you will be able to get the character back.

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In my case it’s Adam Johnson I have the error with. I unmatched him in hopes that it will fix it but after I found him and matched with him again I was still receiving the error.

It seems a number of people have this issue, so I hope it’s fixed soon! But yeah if you’re unmatched at any time you can always match again and resume the story where youblefr off.

Oh, great! That would have been such a pain, otherwise. The constant “Look Out! So and So Will Unmatch You Soon!” is annoying, especially after only having just chatted with them.

There are certainly some bugs in the system, but I am enjoying the game. :eyes:

That does seem frustrating, @Emma_Eller. As the awesome members in this thread mentioned, your progress will not reset even if you get unmatched. That being said, this is an issue the team is aware of and they’re working on fixing it. If you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to support at Thank you!

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