L17 One Time Offer...sigh

Trash, trash, and more trash. Unreal.


@TyrannosaurusLex ohhh thats sucks!! :frowning::man_facepalming:t2: I’m glad I didn’t buy the level 18 one time offer. For sure be the same as well…

I mean… For how rare Spinosaurus Gen 2 is, that isn’t even bad.

The rest is terrible though :sweat_smile:

If lacking in Zone 4, yeah, not bad. Those of us who live in it aren’t particularly giddy about it, though. Still get it when possible but not a case of “OKAYI’MJUSTGOINGTORUNOUTFORAMINUTEBERIGHTBACK”.

EDIT: NEVERMIND…I’m a doofus. I made the newbie mistake of Gen2 vs Classic due to rarity levels without reading the specific names on the screenshots.

@Raven @Richard_Merrick
Come on down to L3 where the Spino2 frolic merrily thru the streets

It’s all about the cash and coins with those offers. The DNA is rarely useful. I guess that can be said about any incubator though.


I got 20 Rex dna out of a 15 minute incubator today… thats more useful dna then her entire incubator.