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L30 strike tower video ☘️


:hushed: when tryko appeared… close call!

Strike towers are so annoying

Ty taser! 1010101

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Thahell?! Wasn’t it supposed to be levels 23, 24, 25?

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The two epic are out there


Can someone video the other tower?


The gold by my house is the 3 you were talking about. Maybe there are two gold towers? The missing one from yesterday perhaps?


Yes, 2 gold towers, take a look at the top left hand corner on the loading screen to make sure u got the right one

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nice to know Ludia is keeping the strike towers balanced :roll_eyes:


BTW, DNA requested by me at the end of the video :joy:


97 HP :eyes: :relieved:

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The first one was ok … but the second…with the 3 dinos Level 30… an what Kind of… that was just a little bit to much lydia


My take on the tower…

Good luck everyone, this one is really an endgame one…


Who comes first please? For the"easier" one


For me the “easier” tower Thor comes 1st on 1st try. Lost retry info comes out 1st on 2nd try


Oh so thor comes first … damn was planning on indo first. And after thor ?


Eri 2nd then indo for 1st try
Thor 2nd then eri on 2nd try

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Lower level tower was Thor, erli, then indo

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Thank you everyone, do you remember if thor use ic first or rampage after his impact?


He insta charged me, but surprisingly erli didn’t run after her rampage

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Holy crap, did it!

I was being pumped by Adrenaline the whole time… Omg, this was brutal.

My tactic, lvl 23-22 dinosaurs.

  • I opened with Thoradolosaurus (lvl 23) . I got crit on the counter, but not the main hit, so I survived with my skin in my teeth, doing Impact and Rampage (nothing crit for me).
  • Thor died. I finished off Trykosaurus with Erlidominus (lvl 22) speed-up strike.
  • Used Cloak and Rampage to clean up Diloracheirus before she could use the doublerampage
  • Switched with Strike and Run into Trykosaurus (lvl 22) and spammed Instant Distraction and Instant Invincibility to witthle down Indoraptor.
  • Cleaned up the mess with Proceratomimus (lvl 23)

Proceratomimus was there if Thoradolosaurus twohit Trykosaurus, but this is one of the few cases I prayed NOT TO crit, so this whole chain reaction could be set up.