Label if some rare or epic dino is near


When you walk or drive, you always have to rotate the map, looking for rare and epic dinos. You could walk by and few minutes some epic dino could spawn behind you and you don’t know about it until you rotate your map (that happend to me twice).

I suggest to add some blue or gold label if some rare or epic dino is in visible range, but you don’t look at it right now. It could be on the edge of the screen from that side, where to rotate the map to see the dino. So it would be easier to play riding the bike for example.

Something like this


Please confirm you r the passager.


You can make your screen bigger by pinching your screen and moving your fingers outwards/inwards or double tap your game screen and slide up/down and it’ll make your map bigger

Example of mine (this is fully zoomed out though, you can make it slightly bigger while also seeing further ahead of you)


But it still can be behind you or aside


@Tenterro Not sure if your still having this problem but I found out on my bus ride today that if you turn “Vibration on ring” on (or vibrating when someone rings you) it will vibrate your phone if a dino spawns near you,

Something that could help that something is spawned and if you can’t see it, then you know it’s behind you or somewhere you can’t see.