Labor day epics!


idk if epics are out partying for the holiday here in Pennsylvania but ive seen about 10 different ones in the past hour…:grin::grin:


Same here! I found 3 TRexs within 2 blocks while walking around. I now have 5 new Epics after 4 hours of playing.


Same, I got 2 t rexes in my neighborhood within a couple hours of each other! (And a concavenater but he doesn’t count)

  • addendum: 3 t rexes


Yup, I’ve found 4 T-rexs within an hour in this morning, it really made my day :blush:

Updated : went out another round and met 4 Epics within 30 mins (Spino Gen2, Mono, 2 T-rex), Is Ludia got high or something :laughing:


Out of curiousisty … what zone/locale are you guys in ?

I’m L1


It was a dead zone around me today. :crazy_face:


My home is between L1 & L2 and the park I go to all the time is L4. I haven’t found any L3 dinos in the wild but still looking


Getting ready for bed, ugh noooooooooo…


@Kristi Please post on our “you may be a JWA addict if …” thread after you dart that bad boy :joy:


Darted a Kentrosaurus while heading to party.
Saw an Ouranosaurus while heading home (wasn’t able to dart)
Got home, saw Sinoceretops (darted)
Went out to catch sunset photos, saw Trex (darted)
Saw Baryonix on way to sunset locating (darted)

Not bad for about a 25 min time period


Got 2 monos, 2 rexs, 1 nodopato, 1 stegocera and 1 anky today (first stegocera I have ever seen wild)


Where the heck are you finding your monos?


I’m at L3, but really want to be at L4 for Rajakyloboi :sob:


I haven’t had one epic spawn at all today (or yesterday) I’m super jealous of all of you. That’s what I get for living in Illinois :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I’m in L3 and get like a mono a day at my house


I’m in L3 too, we have so much in common :sweat_smile:
Though it’s an L3 with a LOT of allos.

And yesterday I saw 3 monos. But I usually see rexes


1 single mono the entire day. The rest of them were probably taking advantage of the labor day holiday to bunk off.


Nice to see ludia looking after the yanks and 2 fingers up to the rest of us


Im in a L4 zone with suchumimos /parassaurs all over the place,but its ok cus rajassaur/ankylossaur spawn here and i need like 30dna of raja to start creating rajakylossaur
The problem is i found a epic twice for weak iff im lucky


LOL, but Ludia price-gouges us yanks! :smile:

Guess it all evens out.