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Laboratory - to Extract DNA


I’m sure this is something that would be too much work for Ludia to actually add to the game but…

Have a laboratory where you put a DIno in for 24 hours unable to use it for anything purpose (ex: no arena battles, no strike events, no fusing, etc) for a chance to get between 10 and 100 DNA points, much like how the fusing system works for the DNA…

I think it would be good to be able to get DNA this way considering there are several dino’s that are extremely rare to find… maybe have it limit itself to Epic being the highest tier you could put in there… or have a breakdown based on rarity…

Limit to 1 Dino per 24 hours:
Common: 10 - 100
Rare: 10 - 80
Epic: 10 - 50
Legendary: 1 - 30
Unique: 1 - 20

Could look at it as being harder to get DNA from the higher tier dinos…

•Would be able to get DNA from hard to find dino’s to help increase the fun in the game
•Would make you think about what to toss in there if you are active in the arenas or strike events as the dino would be unusable for the full 24 hours

•People would get more DNA without having to go hunt for it
•What would Ludia break by adding this

Maybe it only sounds like a good idea to me… it is Winter and cold outside… but even driving around for hours every night, very few dino’s that are needed are found…