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Where is the Laboratory it tells me to visit there ?

Hey Lora_Mote, I’m not really sure what the Laboratory is in the game. Are you able to grab an in-game screenshot of where it’s asking you to visit the laboratory? I’ll be happy to try and help once I take a look, thanks!

It says it there where I battle at I will try to get a picture of of it for you.ty lora

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Thank you @Lora_Mote!

A screenshot would really help us :slight_smile:

I’m working on it hun it’s right after you hit battle it gives you these little sayings I’m trying to capture it. Ty lora

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I have played 14 battles today and it hasn’t come up once today I will keep trying it’s my bedtime.

Here is the picture I finally got it.

The image isn’t showing up, but I assure you there is no laboratory in the game? Are you sure that the game told you to go to a laboratory? It might have told you to go to the Roster because sometimes the game would suggest upgrading your dragons and gives you the option to click and instantly go there. Other than that part really, I have no idea what or why the game would tell you to go to a laboratory, if that’s what it really said!!?

Ok that’s it the roster I’m sorry if I caused such a problem I was just trying to understand. Ty for all your help. Lora