Lack of activity from alliance members

So I figured I would have a quick look at other alliances to see whether a change may be a good idea for our family . Ours has about 18 players who haven’t competed or played since the tournament began as their trophy count remains at 0 .
Well , it seems our alliance is better than most as the vast majority have over half the alliance on 0 trophies and this surely indicates they aren’t playing any more , or maybe they just don’t do the arena ?
With it being so soon after the launch if the 1.8 update it would appear that many have left the game , or that something needs to be done to encourage activity from alliance members doesn’t it ?


I had to query the same today in my Alliance. I had two people reply to say they are playing but will not touch the Arena due to unbalanced match ups. As some may not even read the chat page for one reason or another, I can’t tell who is still active in some way and who are just extinct.

Right now, from talking to my Alliance members, the only way to get more activity from them would be a much needed change to the Alliance weekly missions rewards. Everyone is so sick of the same six dinosaurs.


Yeah i dont think it is so much as all have stopped playing… there are many that have likely given up on the arena i have quite a few 0 trophy members who bothing donate/request and are active in sanctuaries. Its kind of hard to fault people for not caring about the arena right now. Adding hybrids to alliance reward dinos doesnt make it any more boring we are now in our third patch with the same rewards.


It’s a crying shame that so many won’t do the matchmaking as that’s surely an integral part of the game . But boosts and the rat have made the arena a nightmare I guess .
And yes , the same rewards are getting a bit stale now .


If a player has a flagged account, their trophy count will appear to be zero until the season is over. If you require at least one arena battle, you will know who is flagged. I think in most alliances it won’t matter since there are so many more inactive players.

Only 21 of the 50 in my alliance have played PvP so far.

I only played 2 PvP battles since the tournament start on my primary account. The first was just to get my trophy’s to show. The other, I was just out of my mind to do it but won after being ratted and one shot it which is getting harder as time goes.

I’m just sick of playing with AND playing against the same dino’s and being ratted half the time. So I’m just not playing the PvP. Screw it! I’m playing the PvP on my 2nd account with level 14-16 dino’s. I have 46 I can interchange out to make up all kinds of teams and none are boosted. I’ll be adding to this number along with working on my level 20 team plan.

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My alliance has 2/3 having battled. I take a bit of a hard line, the alliance description states there is an expectation of full activity, and I encourage everyone to do daily battle incubators whenever possible. I had one drop recently, all I am getting requesting to join is 0 trophies, so there’s still a vacancy.

If people want to not battle I can understand it, but people used to battle a lot before alliances even existed, so I don’t think it’s right to say it’s the non changing rewards are the reason, it has to be something more fundamental. I keep telling my Discord members that if they change what we get it’s not going to be what they want anyway, and the current rewards are probably aimed at newer players.

I think a large group of players (including me) are getting tired of the game. Bugs that are never fixed, alliances that are only partially implemented, inability to communicate directly with other players in game, boosts that totally unbalance the game etc etc. The more they mess around with the mechanics and the more they bolt on new bits, the more they move away from the original concept of the game, to it’s detriment.

Room for one battler in London Raptors, even more tomorrow when I kick some 0 trophies!


Will you allow me to join with my new account?

I’m totally bored with my old flagged account so I took the advice of others and started fresh.

I know that it wouldn’t benefit your alliance much immediately.

They could literally change the defense rewards epic to alanqa… an epic i already have an axcess of and no intention of leveling up alanky and id be more inclined to battle to push up the rewards simply for new members that may need it.

What i want is something different… anything at this point.

Send a request Aldy, I’ll make an exception and let you in :+1:t2:

Im happy to say that I am the leader of a pretty great alliance, and I agree while most of my alliance mates are still Online, I still need to know which ones arent. I mean atleast right under their name, it would indicate when they were last online. Because right now theres no telling who on and whos not, so I am not taking the risk in kicking someone out that turns out to be a big help in the alliance missions and in donating.

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If you are the leader tell them to do just one match to update their trophy counter, if they refuse assume they have something to hide and kick them.

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I’m not down with that sort of approach. It’s a game not an occupation. I’ve posted to our chat and I’ll give it a few days and then discuss with my more active players.

But this is one of those cases where having Leader tools to see when someone last logged in would be great.


I have asked the zero trophy members of my alliance to do just one match so it updates and I can see if its possibly a flagged account.

I will be giving my members a one week grace period to get this done. After that one week is up, if they are still showing as zero trophies im going to presume they are either inactive or a flagged account. Either way they are gone as we don’t allow inactivity unless they specifically mention they will be away (they don’t need to give details, just a heads up) or cheaters.

GSL has a zero tolerance rule for cheating, spoofing or exploiting. We always have tons of join requests so we need to room anyway.

Also doing just one match isn’t asking much, and its for a good reason. Even if they don’t step into the arena ever again thats fine, but I need to know.

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As an alliance leader you need to be both tough and willing to crack down on certain things but fair also. You need to be able to filter out those inactive members or those who don’t play fair.

This will help the alliance grow strong and not slowly die out due to tons of inactive members slowly decaying the alliance.

May sound rough but ask any GSL members about me, they all like the way the alliance is progressing!

I have people who have battled but are still showing 0. You can see her current score is 2k but is showing 0.

Sometime it lags.
Refresh - close the app and re-open it - hope it works. If the trophy counts remain at ‘0’, then, some clarification may be required…

I would like to hear from @Ludia_Developers if the zero trophy thing after battling is a bug or if the players are flagged?


This image was taken days ago, they have reopened, re-downloaded a few times so def. not a lag.

@Stiffeno, I would be surprised with flagged, just seeing who is 0 on my list but never really considered it. So maybe.