Lack of coin - never been so bad

This isn’t a moan as such, more an observation. At a time when it has never been easier to get coins (treasure chests, strike events, etc) I have never needed so many. I have had over 70 creatures that could be levelled for a long time (nothing unusual there) but rarely do I have what I would call a “significant” creature in need of levelling for more than a day or two.

Now though I have Dracorex (L19), Ankylocodon (L18), Rajakylosaurus (L18), Spinotasuchus (L18), Utasinoraptor (L18), Allosinosaurus (L17) and Ankyntrosaurus (L17) and that’s without all the new creatures coming in 1.5 … bar VIP I have been F2P for a while now - I may be reaching a ceiling … :thinking:


Maybe VIP is the answer?

I am VIP and max my coin limit most days; just seem to be collecting DNA faster than coins at the moment.

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It’s a hard choice but maybe the rare common DNA could be sold when alliances come in.

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So salty of people complaining they don’t have coins to level all their cool dinos.

You guys should have been put in Local 3 purgatory with me. I have almost a million coins and nothing to level except global dinos and mono hybrids, which of course didn’t get a unique AGAIN.

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I hear you so much on this :joy:

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Guess I’m lucky; although I live and work in Local 2 - I can drive and be in any one of the other Locals in 5-10 minutes. Often visit Local 3 to farm Suchotator and watch out for Tuojiangosaurus (which has two uniques - mine is now L19 … so close) and the very very elusive Monolophosaurus and Erlikosaurus (which also has a unique).

Save your hard cash and get the coin deals when there is a discount. I got 80 plus dinos waiting to upgrade…

There is a problem coming. Many here are over 4500 trophies. Meaning we will jump from Arena 8 to 10 after update.

I read someone’s reply from Ludia suggesting you delevel to be able to recieve both one time offers.

Honestly I spent enough so I’m not dropping. But if you are counting on both one time offers might need to drop below 4500 before update. Its unlikely system can handle two at a time.

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The deals for getting into new arena are not that great

Hmmm - interesting; I’m on 4300 at the moment (yo-yoing between Sorna and 4500) so I will jump to Lockwood Estate. Be nice to have a legit reason to drop back down below 4000 :rofl: Its been so long since I unlocked an arena - anyone know exactly what the one time offer is for unlocking Lockwood Estates?

Found a vid on YouTube

That’s a lot of bucks … for a drop in the ocean coin wise

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“Toujiango has 2 uniques” is like saying utahraptor has a unique. It does, but makes no influence whatsoever on anyone’s rates of rinex progression. Rare and common DNA is so much easier to get than epic (except for irritator) that it doesn’t really matter what zone it is from if there’s an epic component involved.

For Suchotator you’ll be better off farming suchomimus in L4. Besides I’m not sure even with the bleed boost it will come close to being an endgame dino.

I’m kinda grateful at least erlik has a unique, but it’s a day-only dino, dusk starts before 4PM now and it’s not getting better, and I have a job, so…

Yes, some of us will jump through arenas. I’m close to 4500 and not sure if I want to push it over or wait to be in Lockwood.

I’m more concerned about matchmaking as last arena will be open one for all over 4500. Was satisfied with slow progress that gave me opportunity to lvl up my team of dinos normally.

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True, but still a much better value than what the hard cash will buy you in the market.