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Lack of content

Having enjoyed the game for a few weeks and also spent an average sum of money (30 $?) or so. However, now having all lv 8 heroes, except bard lv 7, I have nothing to do.
The 13.000 xp needed for lv 9 will take me forever to earn. I can do pvp or “challenges, except that the challenges are either too easy (everything untill room 6 in forge) or too hard (everything after, forge room 7-9)
I have explored up to and can reach the dragon but I have killed it yet. But know how now, thx for the dance info!
Was that it?
I have a well paying job, family and I do sports. I play games in my limited spare time and on weekends and during commutes.
There is no way ill spend hours/days grinding out xp by playing boring challenges or pvp.
So, does that mean it is the end for me?
I guess other people must have similar experiences?

I thought the same thing, and I’ve spent zero dollars, most of my guys are now L10, just got my last character who’s L6.

Once you figure out this game isn’t like the others, meaning, the grind is patience, and you divest yourself from trying to finish asap, or be #1, you’ll dog the game. For what it’s worth lol

I’m kind of in the same boat. I just finished explore mode a few days ago (team level 9-10, $0 paid), and now all that’s left is PvP and challenges every few hours. Both of those have a long waiting time if I’m not going to spend my hard-earned gold and gems on them, and for the actual play I get out of each one… I’m not sure if the waiting is worth it. It would be really nice to have some sort of free-range farming thing to spend the time, at least.

I myself decided to cancel my VIP and just play it when really bored. Now I just log in every few hours to open chest, do free challenge. I’ve completely stopped playing PvP due to how annoying it’s matchmaking is, and honestly neither timed chests or big chest for 20 kills seem worth the hassle of doing it. All my characters are lvl 10, with wizard being 11.

Imo don’t push yourself to level, play every now and then and you will actually enjoy the game much more. Oh, and don’t invest into VIP or buying currency, it is not worth it in the long run. Wait for non-VIP gem/gold challenges and you can earn more than enough currency to play and level your characters. I also sell most of my commons with chest renews, and sometimes even rares. Came to the level where gold/xp ratio doesn’t seem to be worth the investment.

At the same point. Mostly level 11 characters, some 12, finished the story. Can 3 dice all the challenges except the last one. PvP is beyond frustrating. They just put legendary weapon promo behind the VIP wall so have little chance to evolve my characters at a reasonable pace. 70,000 XP for lvl 13 is looking very onerous.

The XP requirements are really frustrating from lvl 10 and higher. When the most xp I earn from Harvestshield Mountain is around 150 per hero, yet it takes 50k xp from lvl 11-12 it makes me want to stop playing altogether. I get the concept of grinding for xp, but this is a bit extreme in anyone’s opinion. I also get the enticement and incentive to spend, as any company is out to make money. In this case, for this game, it’s a bit unbalanced. There’s no enticement or incentive. Not if you’re asking me to spend money and get commons and rares. The “chance” of a legendary isn’t even enough. At this point in the game it just feels extremely stagnant.