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Lack of epic spawns is killing the game


It is sad for me to say this as a once avid fan of the game but I feel that the lack of variation in spawns and in particular the lack of epic spawns is killing the game …It used to be worthwhile hunting with the chance of seeing a T. rex or two on your travels but I hardly see any these days (apart from the featured week)…Ludia really needs to look at spawn rates or I am sure they will Start to see a community that is really fed up of this post update 1.6 …Please Ludia listen to your community​:pray::pray:


Did you notice too?

Well, I think the dozen daily posts complaining about the lack of epics clearly shows that we are fed up already… Isn’t it clear to you, Ludia?

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I do agree, I sometimes go weeks without seeing an epic and when i do chances are its a dead end dino like the spino gen 2 :sleepy: what i reeeeeeeeeeeally want is the rare Erlikosaurus. But Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

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I drived as passanger 13 hours last 2 days and found a total of 1 koola as Epic… thats it… nothing more than 1 Epic in 13 hours driving… did ludia nerf spawnrate again or how is this possible?

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Have noticed a significant decrease in epic spawns especially since last update​:weary::weary:

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With 1.6 update epic spawns will get nerfed again.


It’s just start of epic spawn extinction


I switched from Pogo to JWA because of the increased available content, creatures and supply drops/poke stops compared to PoGo.

It’s the opposite now, by a large margin.

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I think the problem is that people have complained about too many of certain hybrids being played all of which require Epic DNA. Maybe Ludia have reduced the spawns to try and prevent too much of a swarm of them appearing in the Arena but whether true or not, their reduced appearance on the map is actually spoiling an element of the game.

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I don’t know what you guys mean, I see a couple of Baryonyx everyday…

Seriously though, even during their sino “event” I only saw 2 and they were both on the same day at the same time and place. Yes the epic spawns have been a joke and they are causing damage, I travel 30 miles to work and see an epic maybe twice a week


How can they nerf them even more? I never see epics so I guess start taking my epuc dna away from me while I play? :open_mouth:


L5 players get all the epic spawns… but they have a hard time with park and rare spawns.