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Lack of epic strike tower (master difficulty)

Screenshot_20210312-150802 Screenshot_20210312-150754 Screenshot_20210312-150735 Screenshot_20210312-150726

Yet again, we have another Friday with a severe lack of Friday epic strike tower. There is still many lockdown restrictions in many countries Ludia, get it fixed!!!


For a second I thought you were talking about raids, just mislead a bit by the title
Anyhow, I only see 2 epic strike towers but they’re both at the edge of my map, yay

Once more i can’t see an epic strike on my map…is it out there or was it forgotten entirely?


Been driving for 5 minutes now, haven’t seen it

yeah… none around.

Apologies, did get myself mixed up. Thank you for the correction

I was able to find it today coming from school

By the looks of things you’ve been lucky

Ludia being, always Ludia.

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Had to journey to the shops (only ESSENTIAL travel allowed) and even here there’s nothing around!
Screenshot_20210312-174412 Screenshot_20210312-174416 Screenshot_20210312-174423

Ludia in their usual shape i see😏


Should we email support about this? Theres so few of the epic strikes around and not even all of the orange drops have events on them.


These stupid common strike towers should be removed…Just populating my map.


So the epic trial is also nowhere to be seen

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This week I didn’t get any of the epic strikes in my range…really their distribution is unfair… Not even a green drop in my range…


Anyone’s able to tell whether this is an epic strike? If it is then I have one in sight, which is apparently something worth celebrating for. However it also means I’ll have to walk about 800m to get in range for one.
Also, I had 3 green drops in range when rare creatures are available. Now I have 0 and I need diplo… the game was designed to make sure I must get out of the house to get anything I want, which isn’t essential travel, I might just end up having 0 chances at diplo which is my priority epic dino :unamused::unamused:

If you’re able to see it then you’re able to tap on it and see what it actually is.

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The amount of epic striketowers is ridiculously low. Apparently if Covid measures don’t exist in Canada they don’t exists anywhere… shame on you Ludia. Seriously.

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Yeah same no epic strike one yellow chest on my map none on the way to work either over two miles nothing not even off in the distance :flushed:

I also haven‘t found one. Drove more than 250 km yesterday and not one in sight. Pretty pissed about it. This is ridiculous, especially given the current circumstances.

Ludia should give us refunds for this desaster.

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