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Lack of Event Supply Drops (Again)

Commons were fine - rares, simply awful …

I won’t bore you with the other directions but nothing again in one and 1 drop in the other … 30 odd supply drops … 1 green; no chance of going all in on one creature.


I have 8 drops I can reach from my house and two of them are almost always green during the week. This week, the closest green drop is two blocks away.

I noticed it too. It’s been too difficult to find enough green poles to make the 30 attempts. I don’t think I’ll manage to use them all…

They always short the stops. Not sure why. I guess for the same reason you get only darts spinning supply drops even though you haven’t maxed coins… Make us “walk” more?

I had problems finding green supply drops whole week! I only darted like 3 Stegosaurus after a very long walk on Monday. And almost nothing on Wednesday and Thursday. It’s just really frustrating what Ludia does. They advertise something and fail to deliver.

Is this the last few hours of rares in this event?

Event drops and schedule disagree. I’d prefer only 2 days for 6 epics.

I would trust the in game timer more than Ludia’s marketing; someone with insider knowledge has also confirmed it is three days on here - they were right about the epic tower appearing a day early.

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Been okay for me :slight_smile:

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Had to go to the next town over but am now on 28/30 Tuos - should get the final two in the next 24 hours. There are also a few stops on the other side of town.