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Lack of green event drops


Was hoping to get in some hunting before the Christmas commitments really set in, and there are almost no green supply drops anywhere. I’m hoping that when the strike events clear away more will appear, but in the meantime…why have the green drops disappeared?


This game is about emptiness and randomness. Parks are empty, streets are depleted of rare and epic dinosaurs (or anything that’s useful) and now it’s empty of supply drops. All because ludia wants to empty our pockets.

Well, Ludia…mark my words. I’ll stop playing before buying random dinos.


There were already few, but since last night several green spots have disappeared now there are hardly any green stops.

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I reckon it’s because we all need Ourano.


A marketing tip for you Ludia guys… When you give people something and then take it away, it’s worse than if you had never given it in the first place.