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Lack of new endgame PvP hybrids

Can we talk about how disappointing the last few new hybrids have been? You have options for an interesting moveset from Sono to Skoola and we went from this to this?

I know it’s intended to be a raid dino to but I use Skoola more than I use Skoona for raids(if ever) and the new Andrew hybrid just looks unimpressive, yeah his counter seems decent but he’s still an epic and a lot of him just seems very pedestrian in regards to health and the crit chance nerf, it seems like they are intentionally pushing for more Apex to be the only in game viable creatures because we didn’t even get a new exclusive hybrid yet so next months tourney should be a repeat unless I missing one but that’s a long enough rant. My hope/suggestion with the “huge balancing update” a lot of mid-tier uniques finally get a chance so there is diversity in the arena

Entelolania got a significant buff, it’s probably going to be one the best Uniques in the game soon.

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I did see that and I do like that a lot which was why I said part of my hope was that in the reblancing more of them are viable but the new ones that are being created are just underwhelming to me, I feel Lania should’ve had that initially and not needed an update to become useful

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Yep PFS + devastation is crazy, doing 6300 damage on 1 turn !!

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The dig in helps a lot too paired with PFS for more healing when needed