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Lack of Official Information on the Light Fury Event


I’m confident that I’m far from being alone when I say I’m deeply frustrated by the way the Light Fury event has been organized. The event had been advertised since a week ago but no detailed information followed. No one knew what Ludia meant by “fully gaining trust”, or how the trust is gained, or whether one should expect to actually acquire Light Fury during this event. It was after the event started that players realized this is a “pay to grind” event. Even then no information was released about the cost and rules around resetting the challenge clock, or whether the whole sequence would restart automatically when one successfully runs through all 10 stages of the challenge.

Without such information, players are essentially left in the dark and forced to conduct extensive experiments that are COSTLY and FRUSTRATING!!!

Here’s what I know for sure up to this point:

  1. The challenge clock is reset to 24:00:00 every time it has been reset manually(next free reset is always 24 hours from the last manual reset);
  2. The cost to manually reset the clock increases first by folds, but then by 20% once over a certain amount (400ish?);
  3. If one completes all 10 stages of the challenge, the challenge does not reset automatically, meaning you are forced to manually reset if you want to keep grinding even if you successfully complete the entire challenge;
  4. It is possible to challenge beyond your current power level, meaning challenging a 3200 level with a 2800 team is possible, as I did it to the 6220 team with my 4700 team;
  5. The 10th stage of the challenge consists of a team of foe at 7800 battling power, and with four scenes. It is quite brutal and the only way to actually challenge that without spending runes is if you have a team FULL of maxed out legendary dragons, which would yield a team at roughly 7700-7800 battling power. This is extremely ridiculous as even if one has 24/7 and unlimited amount of runes to play the game, I don’t think it is practical to reach this level given how new the game is.
  6. Based on in game information, Light Fury is a VERY WEAK legendary dragon, with severely subpar defense and health points. The only advantage is its power move, but it will hit a random foe rendering it fairly useless in battles.
  7. Based on in game information, Light Fury’s only possible partner is Night Fury, being how the partner card is hidden and there is only one possible partner available.

I suspect that Ludia never intended to let any player with ration to attain Light Fury during this event, because the cost of doing so would be enough to fund a short vacation or down payment towards a car, but in any case, players NEED TO KNOW.

As a closing remark, I agree with most others who have chimed in on this topic over the past a few days. Ludia should REWARD players who are putting up with the glitchy, heavily under development game and are on this train early, instead of trying to consume everyone’s love and interest for the IP and the game. It makes a lot more sense to make the Light Fury attainable and affordable, than to piss off willing customers who starts the grind only to realize it’s a freaking blackhole.



Nicely put. I got this on my friends phone and it’s outrageous that it’s being advertised on the apple and android stores! An ad on the official play store showed this game with “introducing light fury” or something like that. I wonder what they would actually do if they knew how bad the situation actually is. This event wasn’t even an addition to the game. It was literally just to make money. No other reason. At this point they should give light fury to everyone and apologize. I’m so disappointed I don’t even want her anymore. I’ll be happy knowing just someone, ANYONE, got her.

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So far I’ve poured in about $100 on runes just to buy energy and reset the challenge. Two days into it I’m only at 228/1000, and this is with a 4700+ roster. I see no hope whatsoever as the unit cost per trust point will only go up significantly with each reset getting more expensive. I feel fooled just to get to this point.



Same. I’m up $80, but I stopped at 102 trust points and just spent the rest of my runes on legendary draws. The way the reset increases, and paying runes to continue some battles, pfft. Keep your Light Fury.


I have tried and failed thus far, as well. I was really excited.

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Yesterday i was able to get 22 points today only 17 because the opponent are stronger…

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