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Lack of orange drops

Any idea why their are hardly any

They turned more of them into green ones.

Where I live in the UK there are nothing but green stops.

No orange, no strike towers, nothing but green drops.

So I miss out on this weeks boost towers and all the strike towers .

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lol, just after they announced the increasing green supply drop days ago

Literally Ludia now:


After ludias last green stop increase, my map finelly looks good and balanced.

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Ya same for me now map is awesome

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Well, if they haven’t decreased supply drops in general, no one would be complaining. Honestly, all the other changes to the map have been good, I’m loving the small patches of park and the proximity spawns. They increased the green drops, but the general number of all supply drops is still the same, so we got less orange. This number needs to increase a bit, I can still find areas with close to nothing of supply drops. If you are walking that’s horrible.